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Woman suspected of coronavirus at Nicosia hospital

The woman began showing symptoms while on a plane to Larnaca from China via Moscow


A Chinese woman, a permanent resident of Cyprus, is being treated at Nicosia General Hospital on suspicion of being a coronavirus carrier.

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The woman began showing symptoms pointing to coronavirus while travelling from China to Larnaca via Moscow. Upon landing, a doctor stationed at the airport was called to conduct preliminary tests on the woman, as required by protocols placed in effect by the Health Ministry.

According to an announcement by the Health Ministry on Monday, it was deemed necessary to transfer the woman to Nicosia General for further tests. The woman will remain quarantined at the hospital until final results are received.

The airplane’s crew and passengers who came into close contact with the patient were also pre-emptively examined by specialist medics stationed at Larnaca airport, and given specific advice for self-monitoring their health for the following two weeks.

Should the woman’s condition be confirmed as coronavirus, crew and other passengers will be considered high-risk cases and will be called in for further tests and will possibly be quarantined. 

The aircraft carried some 85 passengers and a six-member crew, though passengers sitting next to the woman, as well as two rows to the front and back of the woman's seat, are considered of highest risk.

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