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Woman throws herself at cars for money

Police warn public to keep their guard up and watch for con artists in slow traffic situations


Police are warning the public of con artists and fake car accidents in slow traffic, following a number of incidents where pedestrians pretended to be struck by vehicles and demanded money from the drivers.

Specifically, a woman dressed in black approximately 50 years old, has been seen near traffic lights in Nicosia where she would throw herself in front of idled cars pretending she was hit and injured.

The scheme usually takes place in slow traffic, either at stop signs on side roads or as vehicles shift into gear to wait at the red light.

In one case, the woman in question managed to get €200 from a driver on the pretext that she would go to the hospital on her own.

Authorities are calling on the public to contact police if they happen to see a similar incident or they can dial the citizen hotline at 1460.

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