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04 October, 2023
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Yellow warning as temperature climbs to 41

Humidity rises south and west as temperatures expected to drop slightly over the next few days


Weather officials issued a Yellow Alert for Saturday from noon until 5pm with temperatures expected to climb to 41 around the capital and relative humidity rising along the southern coast and out west.

Saturday maximum temperatures are expected to reach 41° Celsius inland, 33 on the west coast, around 35 in the rest of the coastal regions and 32 on the mountains.

Evening skies will be mostly clear with low clouds and possibly mist in the early morning. Minimum temperatures will drop to 25° Celsius inland, 24 and all around the coast, while it will be 20 degrees on the mountains.

Light winds from the southeast and southwest will develop to moderate winds in the afternoon while southwesterly strong winds are expected in the late afternoon, mainly on the southern coast.

Choppy waters are expected in the west throughout the day while in the south the sea will be relatively calm with choppy waters later in the afternoon.

Sunday temperatures are expected to drop slightly, with a noticeable drop over the two-day period by Monday night. Tuesday temperatures will register around the normal average for this time of the year.

Officials say people who are particularly sensitive to hot weather, including senior citizens, young children, pregnant women, and people who face health issues, ought to take precautions, such as drink plenty of fluids (water), dress lightly, avoid extended exposure to the sun, and stay in cooled areas using air fans or air condition units.

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