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Woman on bicycle killed in Larnaca accident

Police investigating how a car collided with a 21-year-old Moldovan riding her bike outside Ormidia


A 21-year-old woman was killed Saturday night in Larnaca when a vehicle struck her bicycle from behind on the Ormidia-Achnas road.

The victim, a Moldovan national according to media reports, was riding her bicycle on Ormidia-Dasaki Achnas road around 9pm.

Under circumstances still pending investigation, the vehicle collided with the bicycle just outside the entrance of the Ormidia livestock farming area.

A medical doctor from the local British Base rushed to the scene with the ambulance, where the 21-year-old woman was pronounced dead on site.

The driver, who was detained by police, took a Breathalyzer test which showed no alcohol in his blood stream.

Police are investigating whether the woman was wearing reflective clothes at the time of the collision, while her bicycle is to be examined to determine whether it was equipped with any reflectors, according to the head of Dekelia station, Officer Andreas Pitsillides.

Media reports said there were no street lights in the area and no pavement for pedestrians or cyclists along the road. 

Unconfirmed reports also said the woman might have been working in the area.

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