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Yellow warning for thick fog covering Cyprus

The warning will remain in effect until 10am on Thursday, when visibility is expected to be restored


After thick fog and low clouds blanketed the Nicosia skies on Wednesday, the Met Department issued a yellow warning for dense fog at mountainous and semi-mountainous regions, which will remain in effect until 10am on Thursday.

Visibility will be extremely low in higher altitudes, the Med Department warned, urging caution.

According to the head of the Air Quality Department of the Labour Inspection Department Chrysanthos Savvides, while fog is a normal winter phenomenon, the low clouds that blanketed Nicosia on Wednesday served to trap the heightened particle pollution emerging from chimney smoke, which the dense Nicosia population has been increasingly creating in an attempt to stay warm on these chilly winter nights.

On Wednesday night, the weather was expected to remain cloudy, with the thick fog covering the groundlevel. Isolated showers are expected inland and on the coasts, while the light snowfall is forecasted to fall in mountain regions. Wind gusts are expected to reach 3 to 4 points on the Beaufort scale.

Temperatures will fall on Wednesday night to around 10 degrees Celsius inland, 12 degrees on the coasts and 3 degrees in mountain regions.

On Thursday, the skies are expected to remain grey, with isolated showers inland and light snowfall in mountain regions to be expected.

Temperatures on Thursday are expected to peak at 13 degrees Celsius inland, at 16 degrees in coastal areas, and at 6 degrees on the mountain tops.

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