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Island braces for coldest weather in 3 years with high levels of dust

Temperatures are expected to fall steadily, with Nicosia forecasted to reach -2 degrees Celsius on Sunday


The atmosphere on Thursday was permeated with high levels of dust, as the island braces for the coldest temperatures recorded in the last three years

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According to the measurements of the groundlevel air quality monitoring stations of the Department of Labour Inspection, very small atmospheric particulate matter plagued Cyprus air on Thursday, with children, the elderly, and ill, being at most risk.

Measurements conducted at 1pm found moderate levels of PM10 (particulate matter 10 micrometers or less in diameter) island-wide, with Nicosia seeing the highest concentration of 86.5 μg/m3, well above the daily average of 50 μg/m3.

Nicosia also saw moderate levels (30.5 μg/m3) of PM2.5, particulate matter 2.5 micrometers or less in diameter - a far more dangerous form of pollution for the human respiratory system.

The department urged vulnerable groups to avoid going outdoors and employers should ensure their workforce is adequately protected.

Temperatures are also set to take a steep fall by Thursday evening, and are expected to continue declining steadily, reaching extremely low temperatures by Sunday.

According to the Kitas weather website, Nicosia will see a maximum temperature of 15 and a minimum of 8 degrees Celsius on Thursday.

By Sunday, however, the website forecasts the coldest weather to be seen in three years, as peak temperatures are expected to reach just 8 degrees, before falling to a striking -2 degrees, well below the average mark for the period.

The end of the week is expected to take a cold, windy, and rainy turn, with snow predicted to cover foothills at altitudes as low as 900 metres. Rain, storms, and even hailstorms will very likely be the dominating weather until the week wraps up.

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