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15 June, 2024

Alphamega Hypermarkets: ''A part of your life!''

Alphamega Hypermarkets’ new TV ad campaign aims to capture every big and small moment in our lives

Press Release

Several individual pieces, both big and small, are part of a bigger puzzle – the puzzle of life!

These are the experiences, moments and emotions that make up each person’s unique psyche. Elements that have left their mark on multiple generations of Cypriots, shaping each individual’s unique personality.

These elements are a huge part of our life’s special and exciting journey, which is defined by our own unique breathing pattern, our own laughter and our happiness, our tears and our heartache, as well as our enthusiasm for everything old and new. They are all pieces of our journey towards our own personal “Ithaca” – our ultimate goal and destination.

By embracing change, we open ourselves up to new opportunities and possibilities, which in turn set the tone for each new chapter in our lives. And every new chapter comes with new interests and passions, both big and small, new challenges and life responsibilities. Each time this happens, our principles – such as our respect for the environment – are also completely transformed and redefined.

Just like society and its members, at Alphamega Hypermarkets we are also evolving, moving forward and growing while keeping in mind the need to pass on the knowledge and experiences we’ve gained over the years.

As such, with a sense of responsibility and respect to consumers, our company is constantly evolving and providing upgraded services, while renewing its longstanding pledge to support society.Featuring more than 15 filming locations throughout the island, 35 actors and more than 60 talented partners, our new advertising campaign is unlike anything the public has ever seen before. By capturing special moments in people’s lives, the campaign highlights the quality characteristics that make Alphamega stand out, to usher in a new era for the organization.

Alphamega Hypermarkets have always been there for you – “a part of your life”!

Source: Press release


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