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Cyprus tourism soars by 22 percent in June

June 2023 sees an increase of 22.7% in arrivals

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In a significant boost to Cyprus' tourism sector, the country experienced a surge of 22.7% in tourist arrivals during June 2023, compared to the same month the previous year. The Statistical Service of Cyprus released the latest data, revealing that a total of 456,985 visitors flocked to the island in June, surpassing the 372,324 arrivals recorded in June 2022.

The upward trend in tourism continued throughout the first half of 2023, with a remarkable 32.1% increase in total tourist arrivals from January to June, compared to the corresponding period in 2022. The numbers rose from 1,221,382 to 1,613,690 arrivals.

Leading the way in June 2023, the United Kingdom remained the top source of tourism, accounting for 34.8% (159,061) of the total arrivals. Israel followed with 10.2% (46,402) of visitors, Poland with 6.6% (30,293), Sweden with 5.0% (22,724), and Greece with 4.5% (20,722).

Holiday purposes continued to be the main reason for visiting Cyprus in June 2023, constituting 81.7% of the total tourist visits. Meanwhile, 12.6% visited friends and relatives, and 5.5% arrived for business-related reasons. Comparatively, in June 2022, 82.0% visited for holidays, 10.9% visited friends or relatives, and 7.0% arrived for business purposes.

Resident Returns Surge by 14.4% in June 2023

Simultaneously, Cyprus experienced a significant rise in the number of residents returning from trips abroad. The latest data from the Statistical Service revealed that 138,588 Cyprus residents returned from overseas travels in June 2023, marking a notable 14.4% increase compared to the same month the previous year, when 121,146 returns were recorded.

Among the main countries from which residents of Cyprus returned, Greece held the largest share, accounting for 30.8% (42,662) of the total returns in June 2023. The United Kingdom followed with 11.2% (15,493) of the returnees, while Italy accounted for 7.1% (9,776), and France constituted 4.2% (5,776).

In terms of travel purposes, 61.9% of Cyprus residents traveled for holiday purposes in June 2023. Business-related travel accounted for 26.0% of the returns, while 9.8% traveled for studies, and 2.3% had other reasons for their trips.

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