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Einstein’s scary secret: bizarre stories

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Eleven bizarre tales that will blow your mind. ‘Einstein’s scary secret: bizarre stories’ by Andreas Kapandreou is definitely a page turner.  It'll keep you on the edge of your seat while you delve into stories of the occult, metaphysics, parapsychology and the uncanny.

1. ‘Einstein’s scary secret’: The torn pages of an old diary that I came by reveal a scary secret implicating Albert Einstein and the U.S. Navy!

2. ‘Amar’: A ruthless Moroccan gangster is ready for everything, but not for the reality he is suddenly faced with.

3. ‘The room with the mirrors’: Is there such a thing as destiny? Do dreams come true? What is more painful, life or death? The answers are found in the room with the mirrors.

4. ‘A bouquet of orchids out of the blue’: When a bouquet of orchids are sent to their recipient from the Otherworld.

5. ‘Deadly dream’: Dream mixes with reality and the subconscious...or is all this a mind game?

6. ‘Jupiter on Facebook’: The strange story of a photo on Facebook and the relation of Jupiter with a German rock star and a five-year-old boy.

7. ‘Aliki wanted it so badly’: Sometimes, it’s no good wanting something so badly, as our wish may eventually be fulfilled.

8. ‘A school outing’: A dreadful accident on a school outing leads a little girl to a posthumous experience.

9. ‘Jack’s pursuer’: The accidental arrest of ruthless criminal Jack lays bare a metaphysical chain of events.

10. ‘The woman who fell from above’: What kind of story could lie behind a woman falling out the window?

11. ‘How far will this suitcase go?’: The tragic and comical adventures of a suitcase and its owner that ended up becoming an acclaimed novel.


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About the author:

Andreas Kapandreou was born in 1972 in Nicosia, Cyprus, where he currently lives. He studied Librarianship, Information Sciences and Education Sciences in Greece, the UK and Cyprus.  Working for the University of Cyprus library, he is surrounded with books on a daily basis.  He is also a board member of the University of Cyprus since June 2021.  Andreas Kapandreou has published three short story collections, a poetry collection and a fiction book.  Some of Kapandreou’s short stories and poems have been published in other languages. 

In his blog Andreas writes about literature, books, culture and Librarianship.

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