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Geisha Kikunohana returns in ''Tea Ceremony''

Returning for the third time in Athens, the show that was much loved by audiences and critics across Europe

Press Release

Prepare to be transported into a world of intrigue and revelation with 'Tea Ceremony' in Artiria, Athens. Returning for its third installment, this captivating show offers an immersive experience that explores profound socio-political themes through the lens of a traditional Japanese tea ceremony. Join Geisha Kikunohana as she delicately crafts a serene atmosphere, only to unravel the darker truths lurking beneath the surface. Step into the Japanese room and prepare to be enlightened and transformed by this unforgettable performance.

The English-speaking monologue is a socio-political commentary on the exploitation of the powerful at the expense of the weak and on the supreme price humanity pays to the dark and voracious system it maintains and by which it is fatally seduced.

The show transports its audience to a Japanese room where a traditional tea ceremony takes place. Geisha Kikunohana (Blooming Chrysanthemum) gently and gently creates a silky landscape for the spirit and senses of those present. Everything is harmonious and ideal, but it does not stay there.

Her restless spirit leads her to questions that sound like explosions in a harmonious environment. Who collects our scented tea? Who and under what conditions collect the gold that adorns our teacups? The answers lead to a journey of grim truths, concerning modern slavery, child labor, and the trade of bodies and souls of people born in "unfortunate" corners of the earth. The ceremony is structured, but not completely. Those who find themselves in the Japanese room will witness a bright truth that saves and is saved. The idiosyncratic tea ceremony will eventually achieve its own purpose.

Direction-Dramaturgy: Achim Wieland
Text: Achim Wieland, Marios Ioannou
Art consultant: Akiko Hamazaki
Light Design: Andronikos K.Demopoulos
Choreography-Movement: Alexis Vassiliou
Costume: Ioanna Tsami
Traditional Japanese Dance: Zuiou Shinozuka
Production Design: Marios Ioannou, Ileana Nicholson

Every Sunday- From the 14th of April till the 23rd of June
14,21,28 Αpril
12,19,26 May
2, 9, 16, 23 June

Αrtiria Athens
Leocharous 13 Athens 2nd floor, Athens, Greece
+30 21 0322 7446

Ticket Price: Adults 12 euros, Reduced Tickets 10 euros for students

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