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Ancient village back on tourism map

Chirokitia local council teams up to attract more visitors


Chirokitia, one of the most ancient sites in the world also spelled Choirokoitia or Khirokitia, has been inducted into the new Larnaca tourist map, with officials hoping that other villages will step up and showcase their unique characteristics.

The Larnaca Tourism Board has welcomed the Hirokitia Community Council into its ranks, after local officials heeded calls for placing special road signs on traditional buildings. Now there is a uniform pattern of wooden signs, something that the LTB has been asking other communities to emulate.

According to LTB, an agrotourism-friendly approach helps communities preserve their and showcase their unique character.

An agrotourism-friendly approach helps communities preserve and showcase their unique character

Business entrepreneurs have been quite active recently with operating venues of traditional arts and crafts right at the village square. Some of the activities include basket weaving demonstrations and preparation of local products with visitor participation. There is also a nature trail of about 2km that starts from the square and goes through the mountain valley following the Ayios Minas river.

The overall effort falls under a regional plan to upgrade what the area has to offer in order to attract more local and foreigner tourists who are interested in exploring the historic village.

Chirokitia is located 35km from the main city of Larnaca, just off the Larnaca – Limassol highway and it is best known for its archaeological site, which is a remarkably well-preserved settlement from the Neolithic Age that has been a listed UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1998.

Chirokitia has seen a lot of action over the centuries too, including medieval times. It was first settled around 7,000BCE.

Hirokitia Neolithic settlement


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