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NETFLIX is king

Content streaming giant defends the entertainment throne

By Anna-Maria Pounna

The complete list of nominees for the best in television released for the 70th annual Primetime Emmy Awards reflects the new age of entertainment by streaming.

The list sees cable-networkHBO relenting the reigns of most nominated production company to Netflix, Inc. The online streaming service knocks HBO off the top as the most nominated network, snapping its 17-year long streak.

This year, Netflix has stacked up 112 nominations compared to HBO’s 108. Other content providers such as Hulu and Amazon Prime Video have also collected more nominations than past years, at 27 and 22 respectively.

Wide audience

Netflix claims the streaming platform throne, attributing this victory to its continued emphasis on a variety of available content for a wide audience. The company’s 112 nominations are divided across an impressive 40 different titles.

Initially breaking into the entertainment scene as a DVD rental service in 1997, Netflix first introduced the feature of at-home entertainment through streaming video in 2007.

In the past decade, Netflix has invested billions in creating original content globally in favour of boosting its brand and enticing subscriptions. The Netflix culture has expanded in accordance to pop culture’s phenomenalizing tendencies.

Netflix & chill

Catchy terms such as ‘netflix and chill’ have promoted the streaming service to a brand of the average millennial.

Netflix’s binge-watching template facilitates a consumer mode of serialized content available for non-stop streaming and convenience.

Despite this Emmy success, numbers released on Monday have Netflix falling short of reaching its projected subscriber total of 6.27 million for the quarter by 1 million.

This had the company’s stock plummeting by more than 13% in after hours trading. While Netflix denies this is posing an issue, observers say the numbers do bring into question the sustainability of the streaming platform.

Rob Arnott, Research Affiliates chairman and CEO, classifies Netflix as a “bubble”investment.

Despite critical success, Netflix should continue to expect speed-bumps of scrutiny in domesticating entertainment.

Netflix is available in Cyprus with subscription packages varying from €7.99 to €11.99.

The 70th Primetime Emmy Awards will air September 17 on NBC.

Anna-Maria Pounna is guest writer for KNEWS

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