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Migration and pandemic in focus at Brussels Summit

Cyprus parties await UN envoy's moves


Victor Papadopoulos, Director of the Presidency Press Office, described the ongoing discussions at the Brussels Summit as particularly challenging.

President Christodoulides, representing Cyprus, brings forth specific claims and demands amid various disagreements among EU Member States.

The agenda includes discussions on pandemic-era borrowing rates, support for Ukraine, migration concerns, and Cyprus' push for increased financial aid, especially for frontline nations.

Humanitarian focus and political Leverage: Cyprus navigates complex issues

Cyprus aims to politically leverage the enlargement processes and address the war in Gaza during the Summit, emphasizing the humanitarian aspects.

Papadopoulos highlighted the President's focus on the current consultations regarding the war in Gaza and the proposed humanitarian corridor between Larnaca and Gaza.

Israel's security concerns are under discussion, and several countries have sent humanitarian aid, currently safeguarded in Cyprus.

Protecting press freedom amid surveillance debates

Addressing the EU's ongoing discussion on journalist surveillance for security reasons, Papadopoulos emphasized Cyprus's commitment to ensuring press freedom. He stated, "We want to ensure the independence of journalists without anyone watching them."

Presidential diplomacy: Clarifying Turkey visit speculations

Denying reports of President Christodoulides being invited to Turkey by Erdogan, Papadopoulos emphasized that there is no such invitation at present. Despite reports, he reiterated the President's readiness to meet with the Turkish President, a sentiment conveyed directly and through third parties.

National Council's status: No urgent call amid Cyprus problem silence

Responding to protests from major parties urging the convening of the National Council, Papadopoulos clarified that no new developments in the Cyprus problem necessitate such action.

He indicated that if the UN Secretary General's envoy brings about significant changes, the President will consider convening the National Council accordingly.

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