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16 June, 2024
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Post-New Year chill with spotty showers

Cloudy skies and isolated showers ahead


Happy New Year! We're rolling into the day after with a weather update, much like a post-celebration breeze.

Picture a mix of clouds setting the scene, and the chance of isolated showers or even a bit of thunderstorm action.

Temperature-wise, we're talking a comfy 20 degrees inland and along the coast, while the higher mountains keep it cooler at around 11 degrees.

As the night takes the stage, expect a partly cloudy vibe with a sprinkle of isolated light showers, especially in the west and north.

Winds are doing their thing, gently shifting from southwest to northwest, staying light but occasionally stepping it up to moderate.

Looking ahead to Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday – the sequel brings a mix of partly cloudy skies and occasional isolated showers.

The temperature stays above the average climatic values, keeping the global weather scene interesting.

So, whether you're sipping coffee in Paris or enjoying tea in Tokyo, here's the scoop on the day after New Year's weather!

[Information sourced from Cyprus Met Service]

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