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14-year-old accuses foster father of abuse

Accusations of abuse shake community as foster father faces trial


In a heart-wrenching tale of trust turned to torment, a 14-year-old girl placed in foster care has accused her foster father of abuse.

According to a report from Phile News, what unfolded over the course of a year can only be described as a harrowing ordeal for the young girl. Recent revelations have cast a disturbing light on her experiences within the walls of her foster home, leading to a case that has drawn the attention of authorities.

According to official reports filed with the Headquarters Office for Handling Domestic Violence and Child Abuse, the 14-year-old is alleged to have been subjected to sexual abuse at the hands of her 49-year-old foster father.

Despite her fears, the brave minor eventually confided in her foster mother, who is also the partner of the 49-year-old accused. Promptly, this revelation was reported to the relevant department of the Police Headquarters. Subsequently, law enforcement took swift action, leading to the arrest of the 49-year-old last week.

Sources familiar with the case disclosed that the 49-year-old's detention order had expired as of yesterday. In a recent closed-door session at the Limassol Court, prosecutors sought to register and forward the case for trial at the Criminal Court. The defendant's legal representation did not contest his client's detention, resulting in the case being referred for a direct trial before the Limassol Court of Cassation. This trial is scheduled to commence in mid-October 2023.

The indictment filed against the accused encompasses a range of charges, including sexual abuse of a minor, sexual exploitation, and the heinous crime of rape. These offenses are alleged to have occurred within the past year, and it has been reported that the victim had been under foster care for approximately two to three years.

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