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2,540 Ukrainian refugees denied protection

Protests erupt as non-Ukrainian refugees face expulsion

About 2,540 Ukrainian refugees have been suspended from temporary protection in the Netherlands since March 4, 2024. They are now forced to seek safety in the country or leave.

These people were allowed to stay in local shelters with food until April 1, but they could not work or receive free medical care. At the same time, they had to deal with things like quitting their jobs and closing their bank accounts until that date, SchengenVisaInfo reports.

As reported by, a Ukrainian information portal for help, the Dutch government has also offered a sum of €5,000 to those who choose to leave.

About 100 people from other countries protested in The Hague because the Netherlands has said that people from Ukraine without Ukrainian citizenship must leave or seek help by April 1. In addition, some people think it is unfair that Ukrainians and non-Ukrainians with temporary permits are being treated differently.

Moreover, Dutch courts are dealing with legal cases from foreigners who want to challenge the decision to terminate their permits. These cases have special courts to handle them. Those waiting for their cases to be reviewed may stay in the shelter for a longer time.

Dutch Government’s Regulations for Third-Country Nationals

According to rules set by the Dutch government, individuals categorized as third-country nationals were part of the provisions of the Temporary Protection Directive until March 4, 2024. Throughout this duration, they:

  • Received housing provided by the municipality
  • Received financial support for living expenses
  • Had the right to work
  • Were entitled to medical assistance

After March 4, 2024, the rights will depend on circumstances, which could fall into one of three categories:

  • Don’t have legal residency
  • Don’t have an active asylum application
  • Lack of a permit for work or study in the Netherlands
  • Required to leave the country
  • Dutch officials previously revealed that over half of the Ukrainian refugees residing in the Netherlands are currently employed.

55% of Ukrainian Citizens Were Employed in the Netherlands in November 2023

Data from Statistics Netherlands (CBS) indicates that by the end of November 2023, approximately 55 per cent of the 78,000 Ukrainian nationals aged 15 to 64 living in the Netherlands were actively engaged in the workforce.

Meanwhile, the Immigration and Naturalisation Service (IND) has reported that the number of processed applications for residency and citizenship in 2023 surpassed the previous year’s figures once again. During the same period, the number of legal proceedings for residents nearly doubled compared to 2022, with a notable surge in desk appointments as well. However, in both the general and extended asylum processes, the percentage of approved applications decreased from 78 per cent in 2022 to 62 per cent in 2023.

[Source: Schengen Visa Info]


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