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Venice introduces entry fee for day trippers

New regulations aim to manage visitor influx and preserve city's heritage


In a move aimed at tackling over-tourism, Venice, Italy, has unveiled new regulations for 2024, including restrictions on tour group sizes and the introduction of a €5 entry fee for day-trippers.

The entry fee, set to begin on April 25, 2024, targets visitors aged 14 and above and will only be applicable during peak hours from 8:30 am to 4 pm. Those arriving later in the day will be exempt from the fee.

Under the new rules, all visitors, including day-trippers, must register online before their visit and receive a QR code for entry. Exceptions to the entry fee include Venice and Veneto residents, people with disabilities, students, and those visiting for health reasons.

Other measures to manage over-tourism include the installation of cameras and sensors to monitor crowd levels and the diversion of cruise ships away from the historic center.

While the city has no plans to limit visitor numbers, it enforces strict rules to preserve its heritage and cleanliness, with penalties for violations ranging from fines to bans. These rules cover various aspects, including behavior on St. Mark's Square, bridge crossings, and littering.

The new regulations reflect Venice's ongoing efforts to balance tourism with heritage preservation and ensure a more sustainable future for the iconic city.

Some of the other lesser-known rules enforced by the Venice City Council Municipal Police are:

-Do not consume food or drink on St Mark's Square, unless at a bar or restaurant.
-Always walk on the right.
-Do not stop on any bridges.
-Bicycles are banned (even if pushed by hand).
-Only book tours with qualified tourist guides.
-Never buy goods from illegal vendors.
-Picnics are only allowed in public gardens on this map.
-Do not walk around in swimwear.
-Swimming and diving are both banned.
-Do not litter or do graffiti.
-Love locks (and all other types of padlocks) are prohibited.
-Do not feed the pigeons.

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