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Activists dismantle illegal bird trapping site

CABS members manage to save some 200 birds while poachers escape


Environmental activists in Cyprus came across an illegal bird trapping site on Wednesday, managing to save 200 birds while poachers had already killed some before running away.

According to a CABS announcement, the Committee Against Bird Slaughter, a huge trapping site was shut down following the discovery of five large mist nets.

Activists who spotted the nets notified wildlife state officials and led them to the illegal trapping site while poachers had managed to run away after killing 57 birds.

CABS said they managed to free some 200 birds, mostly blackcaps, while game wardens confiscated five nets and dismantled ten net poles.

“Since the beginning of our Bird Protection Camp in Cyprus we have confiscated 1590 limesticks, 32 nets and 80 electronic callers. We have rescued 382 birds and assisted with arrest of 12 poachers,” CABS wrote on Facebook.

The incident came ten days after another female poacher charged towards activists, assaulting them and biting them after she realised they were filming her illegal activities.

The woman was fined €400 while CABS said the penalty would not be enough of a deterrent against the illegal lucrative enterprise that has pitted love of nature against old traditions on the island.

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