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African migrants pivot to U.S. amid Europe's closing doors

As European nations tighten immigration rules, a growing number of African migrants seek new opportunities in the United States, leading to a significant surge at the U.S.-Mexico border.


As Europe tightens its immigration policies, an increasing number of African migrants are setting their sights on the United States for a fresh start. Sekuba Keita, 30, from Guinea, highlighted the allure of the U.S., stating, "Getting into the United States is certain compared to European countries."

Data reveals a significant surge in African migrants at the U.S.-Mexico border, with apprehensions soaring from 13,406 in 2022 to 58,462 in 2023. Mauritania, Senegal, Angola, and Guinea were among the leading African nations represented.

Camille Le Coz of the Migration Policy Institute Europe noted the changing dynamics: "You have countries that are less and less welcoming. When new routes open up, people are going to migrate because economic opportunities at home are insufficient."

This migration wave adds to the ongoing immigration challenge in the U.S., where nearly 2.5 million migrants crossed the border in the 2023 fiscal year. Pressure mounts on President Joe Biden, with Republicans pushing for stricter border controls.

The journey to the U.S. often begins with flights to Morocco or Turkey, followed by an overland trek through Central America. Ousman Camara, 27, from Mauritania, explained his route: "Morocco controls the seas, making it harder to reach Europe."

However, the journey is fraught with dangers. Paulo Kando, 20, and M’bome Joao, 22, from Angola, recounted being robbed in Mexico before reaching San Diego. Despite challenges, many migrants remain optimistic about building new lives in the U.S.

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