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Almost 9kg of cannabis uncovered in Limassol

42-year-old resident arrested in cannabis find


In a significant development in the battle against illicit narcotics, the YKAN (Limassol Branch) executed a meticulously planned operation yesterday morning.

Acting on a tip and armed with a search warrant, members of this dedicated law enforcement unit descended upon a nondescript warehouse in Limassol, marking the beginning of an investigation that would soon yield noteworthy results.

The operation unfolded at approximately 10:40 AM, when YKAN (Limassol Branch) officers, fueled by a commitment to curbing illegal drug activities, entered the targeted warehouse.

What they discovered inside was startling - eight packages containing a total of 8 kilograms and 975 grams of dry plant matter, suspected to be cannabis, concealed within a seemingly innocuous carton.

The finding, almost 9 kilograms in total, is a substantial seizure in the ongoing efforts to combat the illegal drug trade in the Limassol region. It underscores the unwavering dedication of law enforcement in identifying and dismantling such operations.

But this operation did not conclude with the seizure alone. Subsequently, significant evidence was gathered that pointed to the involvement of a 42-year-old Limassol resident. In a swift and coordinated effort, this individual was arrested under the authority of a court-issued warrant and is now in custody.

The YKAN (Limassol Branch) remains steadfast in its commitment to uncovering the full extent of this network and the individuals involved. Their tireless efforts continue as they delve deeper into the investigation.

This development serves as a testament to the unyielding dedication of law enforcement agencies in safeguarding the community from the illicit drug trade. As the YKAN (Limassol Branch) presses forward in their inquiry, we will provide updates as new details emerge, shedding light on this ongoing investigation.

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