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Hamas fires at point-blank range during Israeli Music Festival

Chilling footage reveals attack on young festivalgoers in Israel

Source: Skai

A car camera positioned near the Israeli music festival documented the horrifying scene as Hamas terrorists initiated an attack, opening fire on the young festivalgoers, even at point-blank range.

This video, verified by CNN, began circulating on social media on Sunday.

The footage reveals the moment when the terrorists seized control of the festival, preventing some attendees from leaving.

The initial video starts at 9:23, as per the camera's timestamp, nearly three hours after the initial explosions were reported at the Nova festival.

While the video lacks audio, it captures a Hamas gunman shouting and then pointing his machine gun at a man hiding near a car. It remains uncertain whether the gunman fired a warning shot or wounded the civilian, who subsequently appears to walk away. His fate remains unknown.

A second individual is seen in the video, lying on the ground near another car. This person starts to move, and suddenly, another Hamas fighter appears on screen. He takes aim at the person, fires, and departs, causing the person on the ground to cease movement.

In another camera video, at 12:09 p.m., two militants approach the body of a second individual. They search his pockets, with one of them taking something and placing it in his own pocket.

[This article was translated from its Greek original]

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