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Appalling lack of accessibility revealed at Nicosia bus stop

Elderly disabled individual was found waiting in distress


Disturbing images have surfaced, shedding light on the dire condition of a bus stop in Nicosia, where an elderly disabled individual was found waiting in distress. The images, taken at what can scarcely be called a 'bus stop,' depict a concerning lapse in safety and accessibility measures.

These alarming pictures originate from the 'Orphanides' lights area in Nicosia and paint a vivid picture of governmental shortcomings, particularly on the part of the Strovolos Municipality and the Ministry of Transport. Their failure to ensure the well-being of citizens, particularly those with disabilities, has come under scrutiny.

The photographs unmistakably reveal an absence of shelter from the sun and rain at the designated waiting area for bus passengers. Furthermore, it is pertinent to note the absence of a sidewalk along this bustling thoroughfare, posing an immediate hazard to the safety of those waiting. Notably, there is no provision for a ramp to facilitate access for individuals with disabilities, raising questions about the basic amenities provided.

This revelation is particularly ironic in light of the Department of Transport's recent celebration of the 'Park & Ride' initiative's launch. The inability to guarantee fundamental necessities at a bus stop stands in stark contrast to the department's claims of progress and improvement in public transportation infrastructure.

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