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19 June, 2024
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Rainy days ahead

According to the Cyprus Meteorological Service


The Meteorological Service has just released its latest forecast, and it seems like we're in for some weather excitement in the coming days.

Today's Weather

The day kicks off with mostly clear skies, but don't let that initial serenity fool you. Light winds will start the day, meandering from various directions, akin to a gentle breeze at play. As the day unfolds, these winds will gradually shift to the southwest and northwest, maintaining a light to moderate pace, clocking in at 3 to 4 Beaufort. For beachgoers, the sea will be relatively calm, with just a touch of restlessness.

Temperatures will rise significantly, reaching around 38 degrees inland, offering a taste of summer warmth. Along the southeastern and eastern coasts, it'll be a balmy 34 degrees, while the rest of the coast will enjoy a comfortable 32 degrees. If you prefer cooler air, the mountains provide relief at around 31 degrees.

Tonight's Forecast

As night descends, the clarity continues. Winds keep their gentle spirit, mainly blowing from the southwest to northwest at a light to moderate pace, rated at 3 to 4 Beaufort. The sea maintains its calm composure, with just a hint of restlessness. Under the starry sky, temperatures will cool down to a cozy 21 degrees inland and along the northern coast. Coastal regions, shielded from the sea breeze, will experience a pleasant 23 degrees, while higher altitudes in the mountains offer a refreshing 16 degrees.

Weekend Weather Preview

Saturday promises mostly clear skies, with a potential sprinkle of clouds in the mountains and western regions, though we wouldn't call that a rain dance just yet. But here's where it gets interesting - Sunday and Monday bring the drama. During the midday and afternoon hours, expect intriguing cloud formations to grace our skies. These clouds will come bearing gifts in the form of isolated showers and thunderstorms, primarily focused on the mountains and inland areas.

What's more, temperatures are set to drop, providing a welcome break from the heat as we head into the new week. So, keep those umbrellas at the ready and enjoy the fun twists and turns that Mother Nature has in store for us in the days ahead.

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