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24 July, 2024
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Arizona, CY exhibition to unveil Cyprus-America connections

Capturing Cyprus and Arizona through verse and vision


Art Seen Gallery in Nicosia is thrilled to present "Arizona, CY," a captivating solo exhibition by Nicos Philippou and Marilena Zackheos. The exhibition, curated by Maria Stathi, will run from March 1st to April 4th, 2024.

"Arizona, CY" invites viewers to explore the intriguing connections between Cyprus and Arizona, USA, through original poetry and instant photography. The artworks challenge conventional perceptions of Cyprus's landscapes, both physical and social, through thought-provoking narratives and imagery.

The poetry delves into poignant themes such as interethnic conflicts, violence against women, exploitation, and addiction, offering empathetic reflections on shared experiences. Meanwhile, the vivid imagery transports viewers to the rugged terrain of Arizona, prompting contemplation on Cyprus as a unique cultural space.

The exhibition presents an alternative perspective on place, culture, and society, highlighting themes of resilience, creative adaptability, and environmental consciousness.

Featuring a blend of projected images, sound installations, print materials, Polaroid photographs, special risograph prints, and the "Arizona, CY" book, the exhibition promises a multi-sensory experience for attendees.

Parallel events accompanying the exhibition will be announced soon.

About the artists

- Nicos Philippou: Renowned photographer and educator, Nicos Philippou's works explore themes of identity and place, with a focus on Cypriot topography and material culture. His contributions to exhibitions both locally and internationally have earned him recognition as a leading figure in contemporary photography.

- Marilena Zackheos: With a diverse background in Philosophy and English Studies, Marilena Zackheos brings a unique perspective to her poetry and cultural commentary. Her writings on postcolonial studies, trauma, and gender have been widely acclaimed, making her a prominent voice in contemporary literature.

Exhibition details
- Venue: Art Seen Gallery, Nicosia
- Opening hours: Monday, Wednesday, Friday 16:00 – 19:00 or by appointment
- Contact: Maria Stathi, Founder & Director, Art Seen
- Phone: +357 22006624
- Email:
- Website:

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