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Arrested woman linked to armed robbery

Russian woman linked to broken cell phone as Paphos police catch up to suspect ten years later


A broken cell phone ended up linking a foreign woman, who was arrested Monday on theft charges, to another crime that took place ten years ago.

Accordion to police, a 27-year-old foreign national was arrested on Monday on theft charges in connection with an ongoing investigation from 2018.

Additional reports said the suspect, described as a Russian female, was arrested in connection with at least one auto burglary outside a medical clinic in Paphos in January 2018, where €50,000 was stolen in cash and cheques.

One of the perpetrators also grabbed the mobile phone of the female employee and smashed it by throwing it on the ground

But after investigators obtained evidence linking the suspect to the burglarized vehicle, they also came across additional information going back ten years where a booking agency was robbed at point in Chloraka, Paphos district.

According to media reports, two suspects with their faces covered went to the bookie where they threatened customers with a gun and grabbed €815 from the cash register.

One of the perpetrators also grabbed the mobile phone of the female employee and smashed it by throwing it on the ground.

It was not fully clear whether the employee was indeed the suspect or another individual, but media reports said police found physical evidence that tied the suspect to the robbery.

According to some media outlets, DNA test results were included in the evidence that linked the Russian woman to both cases.

The suspect reportedly was also linked to another robbery-related investigation in 2019.

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