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Arrests in north may be linked to Leonides murder

Authorities seek information on four suspects arrested by Turkish Cypriot police


Four men, who may be suspects in the Leonides murder case according to some reports, have been arrested by Turkish Cypriot police over illegal weapons charges.

According to media reports, four foreign nationals were arrested in the north on Friday, after police discovered guns and ammunition in a housing complex in Akanthou/Tatlisu, along the northern coastline.

Police found four revolvers and eight ammunition rounds, according to local news in the north.

The suspects were expected to appear in court on Saturday for their remand hearing, reportedly facing charges of illegal possession of weapons.

It was not immediately clear whether police were acting on a tip.

But reports in the south said officials were making attempts through the bicommunal crime committee to ascertain whether the suspects are linked to the murder of Ernset Leonides, who was gunned down by hooded men in Limassol back in February in what it was widely believed to have been a Russian mafia hit.

Other suspects who are currently incinerated in the Republic of Cyprus have voiced concerns over their safety, including 33-year-old Charalambos Kalogerides who was described by some media as a cousin of Leonides.

Kalogerides said that he feared for his life following his arrest. He said he was worried that the ‘Vory v Zakone’ section of the Russian mafia was well connected on the island, including inside the prison. 

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