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Campers injured by falling tree doing fine

Police try to ascertain how a eucalyptus tree fell on unsuspecting campers in Kato Pyrgos


Police are investigating an incident where a tall tree fell on unsuspecting campers in Kato Pyrgos, prompting an evacuation while three people injured were later said to be doing okay.

According to media reports, a eucalyptus tree at Tilliria region’s Kryoneri campgrounds fell suddenly on Saturday evening, injuring two females aged 28 and 38 as well as a 45-year-old male.

The two women were taken to a private hospital in Nicosia while the man was rushed to the Emergency Room at Paphos General Hospital.

Officials evacuated the area as police investigators carried out inspections. It was not initially clear what had caused the tree to fall, but later media reports said a tree branch became detached and fell on unsuspecting visitors.

A five-year-old child, who was reportedly injured in the incident, was taken to Tilliria’s Kato Pyrgos medical centre and was later released.

A number of visitors were attending a special theatre event at the campground.

Police are investigating the case.

Camping in Tilliria has been in the news recently, with a fire forcing an evacuation at Polis campground early August as well as disputes between owners and managers of the camping site.

The campground fire prompted the Forestry department to provide safety guidelines within camping areas as well as install fire hoses and a 100-tonne capacity container so that adequate water will be available if necessary. 

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