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Passenger forces Athens-Larnaca flight back to gate

Pilots turn aircraft around following passenger refusal to fly due to air-condition issues


An Athens-Larnaca flight on the runway ready for takeoff was forced to return to the gate following fears among passengers over an air-conditioner malfunction on the aircraft.

According to media reports, the airplane was on the runway in Athens ready for takeoff when a passenger voiced concerns over what had been described as a ‘malfunction’ in the air-conditioning system of the aircraft.

The passenger was adamant about getting off the flight due to the air conditioning not working properly, according to Cyprus Times.

Cabin crew attempted to calm him down, assuring the passenger there were no mechanical faults with the aircraft but he insisted he wanted to deplane.

The pilots were informed and turned the plane around, where a number of passengers eventually disembarked the aircraft at the gate.

The flight reportedly took off 45 minutes behind schedule, following baggage inspection and security procedures, and landed at Larnaca International Airport following an uneventful flight.

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