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Polis caves in to step up old campground

Local authorities try to save time by sweetening the deal instead of taking legal action


A long and protracted dispute between the Polis Chrysochous municipality and the administration of the local campsite has come to an end, with a new offer on the table sweetening the deal for the private operator.

Local officials have been trying for over a year to convince the Polis camping site operator to move, in order for the authorities to seek a private investor who would make improvements to the campground premises.

But the operator would not budge during talks despite Polis municipal authorities threatening him with legal action, following the expiration of his contractual agreement.

Media reports said the operator raised a number of other issues in arguing against moving out, citing previous promises by former officials who granted him approval to stay until a new investor is found.

But the operator would not budge during talks despite municipal authorities threatening him with legal action, following the expiration of his contract

According to Phileleftheros, Polis officials managed to convince the operator to agree to new terms, including a rent waiver for an entire year and a reduction of other rental fees for additional years.

The deal was struck a few days ago, citing urgency on the part of municipal officials, who reportedly said it would be more beneficial to offer the new terms instead of taking legal action and waiting for a long time until that process is completed.

The removal of the current operator is necessary so that municipal officials can go in and start planning in cooperation with the Cyprus Tourism Organisation (CTO).

The new private investor will be expected to make several improvements to the camping site, which is in desperate need of an upgrade.

The upgrades will include a check-in area, a recreation centre, a playground, toilets, showers, and new paved roads. There will also be electrical and water upgrades.

Critics of the upgrade, including the current operator, believe the work is unnecessary, assigning great value to the natural beauty and camping atmosphere that has been going on for decades when CTO first created the site.

But proponents of a new master plan have said in the past that the new campground would not be drastically different except more modern, cleaner, safer, and offering more amenities suitable for many different types of guests, young and old.

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