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Man gets 15 years in Protaras deadly gang fight

Indian young man goes to prison for taking part in gang rivalry manslaughter


A 22-year-old male was sentenced to 15 years for in connection with the killing of a man last year, following a day of fun in Protaras and an argument that later ensued.

The Larnaca-Famagusta Criminal Court handed down the sentence to the 22-year-old, described as an Indian national, who attacked with his friends another group of Indian males in the early morning on 4 January 2017.

The two groups met on the beach in Protaras a day earlier where they had some drinks and later went to a residence in Pernera to continue their fun.

At one point, the 22-year-old had got into an argument with another Indian male from the other group, and then everyone left.

The defendant did not murder the victim with his own hands, but the judges ascertained he was equally responsible for the killing

The following day, the two groups met outside the residence in the early morning, with six of the seven residents coming out to confront the five men, who were reportedly armed with baseball bats and knives.

A fight ensued with many injuries and a 23-year-old fatally wounded. He was taken to the Emergency Room at Famagusta General Hospital where doctors on duty pronounced him dead.

The suspect was apprehended the following day by SBA police at Dhekelia’s Pergamos crossing point, as he was making an attempt to flee the Republic of Cyprus and cross into the north.

According to the judges, the defendant did not murder the victim himself with his own hands, but they ascertained he was equally liable for the killing.

“Even though the defendant did not deal the fatal blow to the victim or other blows to other injured victims, it can be safely deduced that the outcome was the result of a possible consequence of pursuing the unlawful plan with all the members of his group of friends, in which he actively participated by striking the victim with a baseball bat,” the court said.

The defence attorney told the court that the defendant had lost his father in a car accident 20 days prior to his sentencing.

“The prison sentence is duty-bound and inevitable,” the court said, adding that all mitigating circumstances had been taken into consideration.

The defendant got 15 years for manslaughter, 4 years for causing grievous bodily harm, and 3 years for another count of bodily harm, all of which will be served concurrently.

Legal observers said the 15 years was one of the highest sentences that the Larnaca-Famagusta Criminal Court has ever handed down for such crimes.

The cause of the argument on the night before the attack was not immediately clear.

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