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Auditor General appeals suspension request

Odysseas Michaelides' appeal against suspension request to be filed at Supreme Court this morning


Today, the appeal of Republic Auditor General Odysseas Michaelides against Attorney General George Savvidis' request to suspend him for misconduct was lodged at the Registry of the Supreme Constitutional Court.

Michaelides' legal team is expected to file the objection around 11:30 am. Following the objection, the Supreme Court Council will schedule the first hearing, where both sides will present their positions and discuss the prosecution's application.

Reports suggest that Michaelides' lawyers have prepared a comprehensive report to challenge the Attorney General's suspension request.

The petition for Michaelides' dismissal was submitted on April 26 through the law firms of Kallis & Kallis CPA and L. Papafilippou & Co. The Legal Service stated that the petition was registered in accordance with constitutional provisions and in the public interest, allowing the Council to determine Michaelides' liability for misconduct warranting dismissal.

On the same day, Michaelides issued a written statement, alleging that the suspension process had been initiated months ago and was now reaching its final phase. He emphasized that the ongoing process would bring clarity and hold accountable those engaging in improper conduct.


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