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'Better Days Are Coming' campaign calls on tourists to visit Cyprus

Cyprus might be ready to open its doors to a first wave of tourists in July, with a new video campaign depicting the island in all its mesmerizing glory


A new campaign launched by the Deputy Tourism Ministry promises that ‘Better Days Are Coming’, calling on tourists to begin making plans to visit Cyprus, where idyllic landscapes and crystal clear seas will be waiting to greet them.

“Close your eyes and dream of an island that has it all. Cyprus is waiting for you... Plan ahead and remember, better days are coming,” is the Deputy Ministry’s message accompanying the mesmerizing scenes depicted in the clip of the new campaign.

The optimism radiating from the campaign was mirrored by Tourism Minister Savvas Perdios last week, when he suggested that the island could begin accepting its first - but limited - wave of tourists from as early as July.

Despite the slowdown brought about by the coronavirus outbreak, which will bring about a loss of €1.5 billion in tourism income due to the cancellation of 60% of bookings, Perios and other Cyprus tourism stakeholders are holding onto hopes that the main tourist season can still be salvaged.

Efforts are already underway to encourage tourism from Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Nordic countries, Greece and Israel, while key markets such as Britain and Russia, the island’s largest sources of tourists, are expected to open at a later stage.

Perdios warned however that certain protection measures would still need to be followed until coronavirus is eliminated, with hoteliers, restauranteurs and others to be required to ensure the enforcement of social distancing measures and avoid overcrowding.

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