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Bewildering footage of blood-red Caspian Sea strip

A strip of coast was captured to be 'bleeding' red by locals of the Kazakh city of Aktau


Locals of the city of Aktau in south-eastern Kazakhstan were astounded by the sight of what appeared to be a ‘bleeding sea’, as a stretch of coast turned dark red and flowed over the white snow covering the shore, creating a remarkable but horrific sight.

The Kazakh Government immediately sent geologists to study the phenomenon, who came to a reassuring conclusion that the blood-red water was not polluted, and does not pose a risk to humans or marine life that come into contact with it.

According to the specialists, who attempted to provide scientific explanations of the ‘bleeding’ Caspian Sea, said the red colour was caused by a special type of algae known as Diatoms.

An additional glittery layer would be visible on the water if it was polluted, reports said.

A video uploaded on Monday shows the mesmerizing but unsettling image of 'bloodstained' snow:



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