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Bicycle patrol catch up to fleeing suspect

Limassol police flag down vehicle for traffic violations, arrest passenger on drug violations


Police officers on bicycle patrol caught up with a fleeing suspect during a traffic stop in Limassol, arresting him and the driver on charges including traffic and drug violations.

According to police, members of the bicycle squad in Limassol were on patrol Monday afternoon around 3pm, when they flagged a suspicious vehicle driven by a 30-year-old male on Ifigeneias Street.

During the traffic stop, the 35-year-old front passenger in the vehicle attempted to make a run for it, according to police, but officers caught up to him and detained the suspect. During a body search, police found a nylon bag with dry cannabis weighing about one gram and a knife with 4-inch blade.

Officers then searched the vehicle where they found a man purse that contained a digital scale with traces of white crystal substance believed to be methamphetamine. The bag, which belonged to the 35-year-old suspect, also contained two small bags of meth weighing seven grams along with €1050 in cash.

Another gram of methamphetamine and €285 in cash was also found in a second man purse, also belonging to the same suspect.

The two suspects were taken to the police station where the driver tested positive for narcotic substances and was placed under arrest on traffic and drug violations. He was later released pending official results from the state lab.

The 35-year-old suspect reportedly admitted his offences and was placed under arrest, facing charges of knife possession, illegal drug possession, and resisting arrest.

The Limassol drug squad has taken over the case while traffic police and the minor offences unit are also assisting in the investigation.

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