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Biden forgets Vice Presidency, son's death in document probe

President Biden's memory limitations highlighted in special counsel's findings


A recent report from special counsel Robert Hur has shed light on President Biden's retention of documents pertaining to military and foreign policy, particularly concerning Afghanistan and other matters of national security deemed sensitive.

As reported by LBC, released on Thursday, the report provides a critical assessment of Biden's handling of governmental materials, highlighting concerns about the security protocols surrounding such documents.

Despite uncovering evidence suggesting the deliberate retention and disclosure of classified materials by President Biden during his time as a private citizen following his vice presidency, the report notably refrains from recommending charges against him.

Hur's investigation, which spanned a year, delved into Biden's possession of classified documents dating back to his tenure as a senator and vice president.

The discovery of these documents, including secret files on Afghanistan, at Biden's residences in Delaware and in a private office utilized during the transition between administrations, prompted an inquiry by the FBI upon notification by the National Archives.

Subsequently, agents conducted thorough searches, even uncovering sensitive materials left in the garage.

Photographs included in the report vividly illustrate the haphazard storage of classified Afghanistan documents in a worn cardboard box amidst household items like a ladder and wicker basket, underscoring the lax handling of such critical information.

While indications of intentional retention and disclosure of classified materials by Biden are evident, Hur's report concludes that criminal charges are unwarranted for several reasons.

Among these reasons is Biden's authority as vice president and later as president to maintain classified documents at his residence.

This investigation into Biden's handling of classified documents stands as one of three recent probes by the Justice Department concerning the treatment of sensitive materials by prominent political figures.

It is distinct from the inquiry led by special counsel Jack Smith, which focuses on the actions of former President Trump following his departure from the White House.

Smith's team has charged Trump with unlawfully retaining top-secret records at his Mar-a-Lago estate and obstructing government efforts to retrieve them, although Trump denies any wrongdoing.

The juxtaposition of these investigations underscores the complexities and legal nuances surrounding the handling of classified information within the highest echelons of government.

[With information sourced from LBC]

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