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Biker in intensive care following accident

Young man in serious condition after suffering injuries in a road accident in Larnaca


A young man is in the intensive care unit in Nicosia following a motorcycle accident in Larnaca on Wednesday night.

According to police, a 20-year-old male was riding his motorcycle in Aradippou, Larnaca district, on Wednesday night around 10:20pm. At one point, under circumstances still pending investigation, the biker lost control of his motorcycle and fell.

Reports said he initially struck the pavement and then was dragged several metres on the asphalt. The biker was rushed to the Emergency Room at Larnaca General Hospital, where doctors said he suffered a basilar skull fracture, abrasions including friction burns to the hands.

Due to his serious condition, doctors later transferred the man to Nicosia General, where he remains in the ICU.

Police said the biker was wearing his helmet at the time of the accident, while he was riding without a permit or proof of insurance.

The local police station in Aradippou is handling the case.

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