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Biker video responds to police campaign

Private video reminding car drivers to ‘look before entering’ goes live as police mount awareness campaign


Two similar road safety campaigns are running parallel this week, with police out and about to catch two-wheeler offenders and a video reminding car drivers to “look before entering” an intersection.

The Cyprus Motorcycle Rights Club is on a campaign to raise road safety awareness, using a video that reminds car drivers to “look before they enter” an intersection.

The video spells out the difference between “entering before looking” and “looking before entering” as it urges viewers to make the right choice.

“The choice is yours, don’t make the wrong one!” CYFA says.

The video, which comes following a number of fatal accidents, some involving motorcycles, was published on the same day that police said they would be carrying out a two-week road safety awareness campaign, targeting primarily motorists on motorcycles and mopeds.

Officers are focusing on preventing traffic offences, according to a police report on Monday, such as reckless driving, not wearing a helmet, speed violations, and operating a vehicle without a permit.

Police say half of all fatalities involving motorists on motorcycles or mopeds, between 2014 and 2018, also involved lack of use of a helmet.

Some of the recent accidents, according to local media, reportedly also involved illegal right turns, with car drivers often blocking the path of oncoming motorists.

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