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Bishop Isaiah of Tamassos faces Church inquiry

Ecclesiastical Committee probes allegations prior to Synodal Court verdicts

Apostolis Tomaras

Apostolis Tomaras

The decision by the Synodal Court to expand the scope of investigations into moral offenses allegedly committed by monks of the Monastery of Saint Abbacum brings a new dimension to the scandal shaking the Church. This decision opens the door for comprehensive investigations into all individuals and clerics allegedly involved. Notably, Bishop Isaiah, who recently presented evidence against members of the monastic community in Finikoudi, may also be summoned before the investigative committee. It remains unclear whether he will provide additional evidence or clarify his actions as the relevant Metropolitan of the monastery. If asked for an explanation, Bishop Isaiah will need to provide convincing answers, potentially causing embarrassment for his oversight of the district.

Regarding the duration of the process, while some Hierarchs prefer expedited proceedings, the Synodal Court's decision suggests otherwise. The Court allows time for a decision on the accused monks, indicating a thorough approach. Additionally, the Church faces the outcomes of secular processes, which it does not fully control. High standards set by police authorities may implicate senior clergy, posing significant challenges for the Church of Cyprus.

The Archbishop, the Church's Primate, advocates for swift decisions on moral offenses to prevent public scrutiny. However, if the police investigation implicates Bishop Isaiah in criminal offenses, the Archbishop's stance may face scrutiny. Despite this, his commitment to restoring order within the Church remains unwavering, aiming for resolution before Easter.

[This article was translated from its Greek original and edited for clarity and brevity]

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