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Blabbermouth cop stirs pot in domestic violence trial

Officer who manages farm under restraining order with girlfriend digs himself and police force into a hole


An unusual arrangement between a police officer and his girlfriend in rural Nicosia, where the separated couple manage a farm together under a restraining order, took a sudden turn when the cop’s claims he had rekindled the relationship fell flat after admitting to an inquisitive judge that he did so by calling her on his mobile phone while in jail.

Local media said a police officer who manages a farm in rural Nicosia was arrested on Sunday after his lady friend, who also works on the ranch, accused him of domestic violence following a fight over the weekend.

After his remand ended, a Nicosia district judge put a restraining order on the police officer, ordering him to stay away from girl and avoid any communication with her.

But the terms were later revised in order to allow for the couple to continue running the farm, with the man managing the business side of things and the woman in charge of daily operations.

After his remand ended, the police officer was ordered to avoid any communication with his lady friend but the terms were later revised to allow the separated couple to continue running the farm

Details heard in court pointed to an arrangement where the police officer would drive up to the farm with another male employee, who does not have a driver’s license, in order to get milk and cheese from his accuser.

“The defendant is forbidden to exit the vehicle and must leave immediately after dropping off the worker, who will be the only person handing to him finished products, such as milk or cheese, while under no circumstances will he ever have any contact with the plaintiff,” the court ruled.

But the judge did allow text communication strictly for business, where the woman would brief him on specific matters, such as when products are ready for pickup or payments are due.

“These are the exceptions and communication is to take place strictly by written message, nothing more,” the court ordered.

But the officer got into more trouble in the courtroom on Wednesday, when prosecutors filed a domestic violence case against him.

The officer tried to tell the presiding judge that he had patched things up with his girlfriend, claiming he had been in contact with her, they talked things over, and they were no longer mad at each other.

Upon hearing the statement, the inquisitive judge asked how the farmer could have been talking to his lady friend while he was in a jail cell.

“I had contact with her through my mobile phone,” the farmer replied.

The judge pointed out that the use of personal phones in jail was not allowed, further going to to request more details from the Chief of Police as well as other reports from other agencies in order to investigate any additional offenses in the case.


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