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Teacher on trial for touching girls inappropriately

Prosecutors charge teacher with sexual battery after students at a junior high in Limassol file complaints


A male teacher at a junior high school in Limassol will be arraigned next month on dozens of charges following accusations from nine girls who say the educator was touching female students inappropriately during class.

Local media said the 59-year-old educator, who was detained for two weeks following sexual abuse allegations, has been suspended while a restraining order was put on him to stay away 50 meters from his nine accusers.

The case came to light when a female student relayed an uncomfortable encounter to an individual, who wrote about it on social media where journalists and parents were also tagged

A total of 38 charges have been filed against the teacher according to daily Phileleftheros, which said the charge sheet included sexual exploitation and sexual battery of a child under the age of 15, as well as sexual harassment of a minor.

The case was brought to light when a female student relayed an uncomfortable encounter to an individual, who wrote about it in a social media group where journalists and parents were also tagged.

After the child filed a police complaint, eight other girls also filed similar complaints. Other students, who were not described as witnesses, also reportedly made video statements about the educator’s alleged behavior.

Reports said accusations involve mainly “inappropriate touching” during class, with prosecutors said to have obtained evidence to be used in a closed hearing that begins on December 15.

The teacher, whose remanded custody was renewed earlier this month, was later released on a €30,000 bond. Additional reports said he made bail after signing another personal contract for €50,000, with his travel documents being confiscated and his name put on a stop list.

Police officials declined during the investigation a request to provide information about the teacher’s  alleged behavior, citing concerns over privacy and integrity of the investigation.

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