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Brother denies manslaughter in sister’s death

Suspect admits only malicious act in rural Larnaca’s death by kin case


The young man who shot and killed his sister in Larnaca pleaded not guilty to manslaughter charges on Thursday, admitting only malicious act charges for cutting his sister’s car brakes.

According to local media, the 23-year-old male suspect had previously admitted killing his 21-year-old sister on May 5 in their family home in Klavdia, Larnaca district, but he maintained it was an accident due to a malfunction of his army-issued G3 military rifle as he was cleaning it.

During his arraignment on Thursday, the suspect faced three charges pertaining to manslaughter, theft, and malicious act, with reports saying he admitted cutting Maria’s front brakes.

There was friction in the family in the months leading up to the shooting, but police declined to comment on specific past incidents citing an ongoing investigation

The death by kin case has been made more complicated as troubled family history began to emerge, with police playing down a previous incident involving hunting guns that belonged to the suspect’s father.

Defence lawyers have asked for all evidence in the case be handed over, with reports saying the state prosecutor will deliver everything by next week.

Maria was reportedly two months pregnant when she died on the last day before she was about to move in with her fiancé, according to local media.

Media reports suggested there was friction in the family in the months leading up to the shooting, but police declined to comment further or specific past incidents citing an ongoing investigation.

Police prosecutors, who said they have consulted with the attorney general over the case, told reporters they did not have enough evidence to build a murder case against the suspect. Knews understands manslaugther charges in the case are based on involuntary manslaugther involving reckless endangerment.

The next hearing in the case is set for June 30.

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