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Cablenet and Plume expand partnership in intelligent connectivity for Cyprus homes

Enhanced home network experiences and self-installation options to revolutionize internet connectivity

Cablenet and Plume joined forces once again in Nicosia to celebrate their successful collaboration and discuss plans for future expansion. The two partners in intelligent connectivity convened to review their market achievements and explore opportunities for growth.

With the increasing reliance on connected devices within households, Cablenet delivers intelligent, adaptive, and secure connectivity to ensure optimal performance around the clock. Recognizing the need for personalized experiences, Cablenet offers a comprehensive range of digital services through Plume HomePass®, enriching subscribers' online experiences.

Through Plume HomePass, Cablenet offers the following services:
- Adapt optimizes the home network, ensuring greater Wi-Fi speed, coverage, and capacity for an optimal user experience on every device.
- Control provides users with visibility into their network, empowering them to set access controls, profiles, content filters, and even pause the internet.
- Guard delivers robust cybersecurity measures, including ad and malware blocking, detection of suspicious activity, and quarantine of compromised devices.
- Sense offers whole-home awareness through WiFi-connected devices, providing peace of mind with features such as motion detection and alerts.

Cablenet's commitment to premium connectivity has yielded significant growth and customer satisfaction:
- Sales of Cablenet's premium broadband services bundle, 'Purple Max Internet,' including HomePass, have risen from 8% to represent 27% of the company's broadband sales.
- The company's revenue has increased by 19.4% (2021 vs. 2022), and its subscriber base has grown by 40% to over 200,000 fixed and mobile customers.
- Cablenet has been independently rated as the number one choice for customer satisfaction in Cyprus.

Building on their successful partnership, Cablenet and Plume are expanding their collaboration to offer HomePass to all households in Cyprus, regardless of their current choice of a broadband service provider. This "over-the-top" offering allows thousands of people across the country to enjoy Plume's cloud-driven smart home experiences. Consumers can easily self-install the service within minutes, unlocking the incredible capabilities of Plume.

Plume, headquartered in Palo Alto, California, is a leading consumer services company. With operations in over 40 countries and managing more than 2.5 billion connected devices, Plume offers innovative cloud services for smart homes and businesses. As a strategic partner since 2019, Plume and Cablenet are working together to deliver cutting-edge solutions and enhance the quality of life for consumers.

To strengthen their partnership, Plume and Cablenet recently co-hosted Plume's EMEA Customer Advisory Board meeting in Cyprus. This two-day summit gathered Communication Service Providers (CSPs) to exchange best practices and stay informed about customer experience advancements. The event showcased Cablenet's leadership in its home market and welcomed over 25 senior professionals from Plume's European service provider network.

Cablenet's partnership with Plume exemplifies its commitment to providing advanced solutions for the modern home. By introducing personalized services and enhancing connectivity, Cablenet aims to improve the quality of life for its customers.

About Cablenet:
Cablenet Communication Systems PLC is one of Cyprus' largest telecommunications providers, offering a comprehensive range of services. These include internet services, fixed and mobile telephony services, and TV services, including sports and entertainment content. Cablenet also provides high-end solutions for business customers, catering to both small and large organizations. With its cutting-edge technology and flexible cloud services, Cablenet delivers tailored solutions that offer the best value proposition in the market.

About Plume:
Plume® is a global leader in providing a SaaS experience platform for Communications Service Providers (CSPs) and their subscribers. With its cloud-controlled solution deployed in over 49 million locations worldwide, Plume enables CSPs to deliver new services rapidly. Plume offers self-optimizing, adaptive WiFi, cybersecurity, access and parental controls, and more. CSPs benefit from robust data- and AI-driven applications that provide valuable insights, support, and marketing capabilities. Plume leverages OpenSync®, an open-source framework compatible with leading silicon, CPE, and platform SDKs.

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