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Car shot story doesn’t add up

Police fail to confirm motorcycle claims in ambush but expand investigation to include other possibilities


Police have more questions over Tuesday’s attempted murder case, after failing to locate evidence to back up a driver’s story who said his car was shot multiple times.

Local media said crime investigators have failed to locate shell casings from the scene in a suburban area south of Nicosia, where a 38-year-old male said his car was shot while driving along a road towards Tseri.

The Greek Cypriot man, a 38-year-old horse farm owner, had told police he was driving along the road when he heard a loud noise and the driver’s side window had shattered.

The horse farm owner told police he had business disputes and had received threats, but it was unclear whether he named any suspects

According to local media, the driver said he saw two persons on a motorcycle waiting near a gas station, where he was ambushed, with one of them firing shots at the car as it was passing by and then he saw the motorcycle taking off.

Police and photos in the media appeared to confirm shots were fired at the car, but investigators failed to locate any shell casings. Reports also said no motorcycle track marks were found in the area.

But the driver reportedly also told police there were other vehicles in the area, with investigators scrambling to locate any possible suspects through further investigation including security camera footage.

The horse farm owner has told police that he had business disputes and he had received threats, but it was unclear whether he named any suspects.

After the loud noise and the shattered window, the driver sped up and drove up to a traffic light, where police officers went to examine the vehicle.

A total of seven bullets had struck the car, which was described as a rental vehicle, while the driver was not injured.

Police said they were investigating an attempted murder case.

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