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Car winds up in stormy sea

Couple spots car in trouble after man’s SUV winds up in stormy Limassol sea


A video showing a car mysteriously stuck in storm waves in Limassol has gone viral, while a man inside the vehicle was said to have been rescued by a passerby.

According to local media, a video posted on social media showed a black SUV battling storm waves in the sea, with reports saying the incident took place on Christmas Day in Limassol, in the Agios Georgios area.

Police confirmed the incident took place on Wednesday, adding that a crew was scheduled to pull the vehicle out of the water on Thursday. However, local media reported that the SUV was still in the water by nighttime Thursday.

According to reports, the vehicle was spotted by a married couple in the area, with the wife shooting the video when she realized there was person inside. Her husband reportedly managed to help the person to safety but little information was made available.

It was not immediately clear whether the incident was related to a traffic accident or poor weather conditions. Some local media said the man was taken to see a psychiatrist.

The woman who recorded the video, according to local media, later said the man was okay.

“We don’t know how this happened and why. Take care of your loved ones, your friends, and even people you don’t know,” she wrote in her social media post.

The SUV is expected to be towed on Friday.

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