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Changing weather brings summer showers (video)

The forecast from the Cyprus meteorological service


Heavy rain fell at noon on Thursday (25/08) in various areas of Cyprus.

As you will see in the videos posted on the page "CYPRUS WIND PHILOSOPHERS", the rains made a noticeable appearance today.  The Meteorological Service of Cyprus says that in the afternoon there will be increasing localized clouds that are expected to give way to isolated showers or even storms in some areas mainly in the mountains and inland areas.

The weather forecast

Today the weather will initially be mostly clear, with increasing cloudiness in the afternoon in some areas, giving way to isolated rains or even storms, mainly in the mountains and inland areas. The winds will blow mainly southwest to northwest, weak to moderate at 3 to 4 Beaufort and in the afternoon on the southern coast, up to a strong 5 Beaufort. The sea will be calm to a little rough, gradually becoming less rough on the southern coast in the afternoon. The temperature will rise to around 34 degrees inland, around 31 on the western coasts, around 33 on the rest of the coasts and around 27 degrees in the higher mountains.

Tonight the weather will be mostly clear, with increasing low clouds mainly in the west. Winds will blow predominantly southwest to northwest, changing their direction to the northeast later in the day, initially light to moderate at 3 to 4 Beaufort and gradually becoming a light 3 Beaufort. The sea will generally be a bit rough. Temperatures will drop to around 20 degrees inland, around 22 on the coasts and around 17 degrees in the higher mountains.

On Friday and the weekend, the weather will be mostly clear, with localized increasing cloudiness at intervals.  A slight chance of rain in some areas is forecasted for Friday afternoon primarily in the mountains and inland.

The temperature until Saturday is not expected to change considerably and will remain slightly below normal temperatures, while on Sunday it is expected to rise slightly to be close to its normal average this time of year.

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