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15 June, 2024
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Rain is coming! - The weather forecast until Sunday (live map)

Some areas will see isolated showers during the weekend

Source: CNA

Today the weather will be mostly clear with increasing cloudiness in some areas giving way to isolated showers from noon onwards, mainly in the mountains.  Wind direction and speed will initially be variable at around 3 Beaufort, gradually increasing to a moderate 4 Beaufort mainly from the southwest from noon onwards.  The sea will start the day calm becoming slightly rough by the afternoon.  Temperatures will rise to around 31 degrees inland, around 25 on the west coast, approximately 26 on the rest of the coast and about 22 degrees in the higher mountains.

Tonight the weather will be mostly clear.  An increase of low clouds during the early morning hours will give way to light fog inland and in the southeastern parts of the island.  Winds will blow mainly from the northwest at a weak to moderate 3 to 4 Beaufort, gradually declining to a 3 Beaufort in some areas.  Temperatures will drop to around 15 degrees inland, approximately 16 on the coast and about 12 degrees in the higher mountains.

On Friday the weather will be mostly clear, however, increasing clouds may give way to isolated showers in the higher mountains from noon onwards.

On Saturday the weather will be mostly clear and again giving way to increasing clouds in some areas.

On Sunday the weather will be partly to completely cloudy with isolated showers and thunderstorms.

The temperature is not expected to change significantly on Friday, however, it is expected to rise slightly on Saturday, fluctuating slightly above average climatic values. On Sunday the temperature is expected to drop.

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