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Charred body found in Nicosia farmhouse

Police investigate a fire in Ayious Trimithias, body believed to belong to elderly man


The charred body of an unidentified person was found in a farmhouse in rural Nicosia, following a fire that broke out on Monday night.

According to local media, a fire broke out at a farmhouse in Ayious Trimithias on Tuesday night around 10:20pm, where fire fighters later discovered charred human remains.

Police told Knews they received a call about fire at a location where a 75-year-old man was known to live inside a shed. Additional reports said the elderly man’s vehicle was parked outside the farmhouse.

Officers from the fire department and police were jointly investigating the incident, trying to ascertain the cause of the inferno.

It was not immediately clear whether the man burned to death or if died of other causes before the fire. An autopsy is expected to reveal the cause of death while DNA tests will provide definitive information about the identity of the body.

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