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Chinese Ambassador: UN turns down agreement with pseudo-state for UNFICYP

They 'did not agree' in Samarkand to accept the pseudo-state as an observer

The UN Secretariat has rejected the illegal regime's request to conclude a "status of the forces agreement" (SOFA) with the UN to regulate the operation of the peacekeeping force in the northern part of the island, according to China's Ambassador to Cyprus, Liu Yantao. He also stated that during a recent summit in Samarkand, "no country or region" was admitted to the Organization of Turkic States, either as an observer or a member, according to information available to Beijing.

Speaking through an interpreter at the Chinese Embassy in Nicosia, the Ambassador stated that China, which coordinates with the UN Secretariat, has learned that "the Secretariat rejected the so-called SOFA agreement" concerning UNFICYP.

The Chinese Embassy also noted in a written statement to CNA that "we have not received information from the UN Secretariat that it intends to sign a status of forces agreement with the area of 'North Cyprus.'" There are already clear UN rules in place regarding the signing of such agreements on the status of forces with host countries. The Chinese side believes that whether a relevant agreement will be signed is dependent on existing UN rules, while the position and will of the Cyprus government must be respected."

“No agreement” in Samarkand

Ambassador Liu also stated that the Chinese side was informed of the Turkish President's announcement on November 10 regarding the acceptance of the secessionist, illegal entity in the Turkish-occupied part of Cyprus as an observer in the Organization of Turkic States (OTS) during a summit in Samarkand, Uzbekistan.

He stated that China had requested information from Uzbekistan, and he also mentioned an announcement made by the Uzbek Foreign Minister. According to Liu, "there has been no change in the organization's charter" at Samarkand, nor has a "country or region" been admitted to the organization, either as an observer or a member, based on this information.

As far as we know, OTS member states agree that sovereign countries can join the organization. "As a result, they did not agree that the area of northern Cyprus could join the organization," the Ambassador continued, referring to the Turkish-occupied area of Cyprus.

He expressed respect for the "spirit of the UN Charter," adding that the Chinese government's position on the Cyprus issue remains unchanged.

The Embassy noted in a written statement that some OTS members have expressed their support for international law and respect for all countries' sovereignty, independence, and territorial integrity.

According to the announcement, China closely monitors developments in the Cyprus issue and has maintained an objective and fair stance from the start, supporting all efforts by Cyprus to maintain its sovereignty and territorial integrity.

"As a permanent member of the United Nations Security Council, China has played and will continue to play a constructive role in facilitating a comprehensive, just, and long-term resolution of the Cyprus issue within the framework of UN resolutions and in accordance with a bizonal bicommunal federal solution," the announcement concludes.

Since 1974, when Turkey invaded and occupied Cyprus's northern third, the island has been divided. So far, repeated rounds of UN-led peace talks have failed to produce results. The most recent round of talks in July 2017 in the Swiss resort of Crans-Montana ended inconclusively.

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