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Christodoulides lists members of National Council

The President today announced the composition of the advisory body established to guide presidential decision-making amidst diplomatic discussions and migration concerns


President Nicos Christodoulides presided over a gathering of the National Council at the Presidential Palace today, where significant decisions were made regarding Cyprus's political landscape.

Following the meeting, Government Spokesman Constantinos Letymbiotis briefed journalists on the day's developments. He disclosed that President Christodoulides unveiled the composition of the National Council, comprising prominent figures such as Panagiotis Demetriou, Chris Triantafyllides, and George Koukoumas, George Loukaides, Christiana Erotokritou, Chrissis Pantelides, Stavros Angelides, George Georgiou, Menelaos Kypriakou, George Poisis, Christos Iosifides and Kyriakos Tsimillis.  The group's primary role will be to offer counsel to the President.

During the session, President Christodoulides provided updates on recent diplomatic engagements, including discussions with the personal envoy of the UN Secretary-General, Mrs. Holguin, and Mr. Guterres himself in Brussels last month. These talks centered on the upcoming visit of Mrs. Holguin to Cyprus in early May, as well as the European Council's recent Conclusions linking progress on Euro-Turkish relations with advancements on the Cyprus issue.

The National Council engaged in productive deliberations on various topics, including migration issues and the Republic of Cyprus's "Amalthea" initiative to establish a maritime corridor for humanitarian aid delivery. Additionally, President Christodoulides shared details of his forthcoming visit to Lebanon alongside the President of the European Commission.

Addressing inquiries about the Guterres proposal, the Spokesman emphasized the government's positive response and reiterated the importance of UN involvement in facilitating negotiations to resume. With anticipation for Mrs. Holguin's visit, scheduled for early May, discussions are expected to continue regarding the Secretary General's proposal and its potential implementation.


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