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Mystery surrounds ambush targeting Dimitris Andronikos

Authorities probe criminal network's role in brazen ''Dimitroui'' attack


Three days after the harrowing ambush targeting 34-year-old Dimitris Andronikos, known as "Dimitroui," on the Paleochori-Anthoupoli road, investigators are intensifying efforts to unravel the mystery behind the attack.

Andronikos had been on the radar of law enforcement for various offenses, including incidents of assault, making his past activities a focal point in the ongoing investigation.

Authorities suspect that the ambush may be linked to underworld disputes, with tensions often rising among individuals involved in illicit activities, particularly over issues of protection and other criminal enterprises.

The victim's association with Alexis Mavromichalis, known as "Alexoui," who was murdered last October, has raised eyebrows among law enforcement officials, hinting at potential connections between the two cases.

Despite several individuals being questioned at the Nicosia Criminal Investigation Department, progress in solving the case remains elusive. Investigators are meticulously analyzing CCTV footage, hoping to glean crucial insights into the perpetrators' movements and actions.

Recovered shell casings from the crime scene have been dispatched to the Criminal Investigation Department laboratories for forensic analysis, shedding light on the weaponry used in the attack.

The assailants, displaying calculated precision in their approach, targeted Andronikos while riding a small scooter, firing multiple shots at close range, leaving him critically wounded with a gunshot to the neck.

As Andronikos fights for his life at Nicosia General Hospital, authorities continue their relentless pursuit of justice, determined to bring the perpetrators of this brazen attack to justice.

[Source: 24News]

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